Victoria / Cowichan Valley

The vibrant, danceable sound of the Zimbabwean marimba has spread across the globe!
Join one of our Victoria or Cowichan Valley ensembles, and start playing this infectious
and exhilarating music yourself - no musical experience necessary!

"The music definitely puts a smile on my face and makes my body want to move."

"I LOVED IT! You are a great teacher...informative, flexible, caring and fun. I really appreciate your sense of humour and the enthusiasm you bring to your classes."

"I'm making music - something I've wanted to do my whole life. Thank you!"

"I appreciate your low-pressure, high postive re-enforcement approach to teaching and the comfortable way in which our mistakes are gently corrected - makes learning and "performing" fun!"

"This is my first musical instrument and I'm having fun!"

"I appreciate your expertise, joyful explorations and patience!"

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